How To Earn Money By Walking | Get Paid to Walk: 10 Legit Free Apps

How to earn money by walking

Hey friends, I hope you are doing well. Today, I am sharing a very interesting way to earn money, so if you want to earn money without taking any stress, then you are at right place. I will share you an amazing method to earn money by walking. 

How To Earn Money By Walking

Is walking is a part of your exercise routine? Do you walk in treadmills or around your home? Do not waste your steps anymore. 

I used to walk a lot. Either going for play cricket or going to a grocery store, I prefer walking.

When I discovered apps that buy walking i noticed that I even have missed the chance of creating my steps into money.

10 Legit Free Apps That will pay you money while walking

There are lots of apps available in the google play store that will pay you money for walking. I am providing you the best 10 apps that will pay you money for walking. Here, is the list of 10 apps:

1. Sweatcoin

how to earn money by walking

Sweatcoin is a new breed of step counter and activity tracker app that pays you digital currency - sweat coin – for your steps to spend on gadgets, sports kit, fitness training, healthy nutrition and much much more. This app is having best UI and easy user experience. You can check this app and earn while you walk.

For every 1000 steps, you will get 0.95 sweatcoins which you can redeem for various products, services, and experiences.

You can redeem cash of $1,000 via PayPal once you have reached 20,000 sweatcoins. But you can redeem the cash only once. As per the company, it will take around 18 months to reach that.

2. Lympo

How to earn money by walking

Earn LYM coins for completing daily tasks and use them to purchase sporting goods right in the app! This app is very beneficial app for your fitness as well as giving you opportunity to earn money. 

Charity miles

Charity Miles is a running, cycling and walking tracker app that tracks how many miles you've covered during your fitness routine. Plus, Charity Miles also earns money for charity on your behalf for every mile you move, via brand fitness exercise sponsors like Humana, Johnson & Johnson and Chobani!

4. Achievement - Rewards for Health

Achievement app has many things to supply like walking, swimming, biking, and other exercises.

This app are often connected with many fitness trackers and apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Garmin, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Strava, Misfit, My fitnesspal, and Mapmyfitness.

You can earn up to 80 points per day and may maximize your earnings through other activities like taking surveys on health and exercise.

Runtopia allows you to set various fitness goals like walking, running, and cycling. While doing the workout an audio coach plays matching your pace.

The app also offers various training programs for stretching and reduce with paid and free memberships.

As you begin completing your daily tasks you'll earn sports coins within the app. Sports coins are often redeemed for memberships, products, PayPal cash, and coupons.

Key Features:
  • The App syncs with fitness trackers.
  • Redeem sports coins for paypal cash and other benefits.
  • $10 for 10,000 points.

Fitpotato is more or like Stepbet during which you would like to back yourself. you would like to compete with other Fitpotato members for weekly competitions.

Each week there'll be a cash prize of $1000 and winners can share the prize . Unlike Stepbet you've got to bet only $5 to enter the competition.

Usually, the task comprises 3 sessions walking, running, and jogging.

Key Features:

  • Available just for IOS
  • The bet amount is merely $5.
  • Winners share the weekly prize pot.

PK rewards not only rewards you for walking except for other exercises also. Whenever you begin doing a workout or walking, open the app and hit the beginning earning button. The app are often synced with the Apple watch also.

Once you've got finished your activity the app will calculate some time and efforts and offers you PK coins.

There is no daily limit for earnings during this app. The more you're employed out the more you earn.

You can redeem your earnings with rewards from various brands.

Key Features:

  • Available just for IOS.
  • No daily earning limit.
  • Redeem the points for rewards from popular brands like Amazon, Nike, etc.

Stepbet is sort of a gaming app where you would like to back yourself. you would like to pick a game to accomplish your step goals.

The app will determine your goals and once you've got accomplished your goal you'll back a game.

In the game, you would like to compete with others with a bet of $40. To win the sport you would like to hit your goal 6 times every week .

If you win you get the share of the prize pot with the order winners. If you miss each day you'll lose your bet and therefore the game ends.

This is an excellent app for those that love challenges.

Key Features:

  • Works on both IOS and Android.
  • Syncs with fitness trackers including Garmin, Samsung Health, Apple Health, Fitbit and Google fit.
  • Winners will revisit the bet amount and share from the prize pot.

Winwalk may be a simple pedometer app that tracks your steps. The app helps you earn points with every 100 steps you walk.

The app uses your phone’s built-in sensor to trace your steps. there's no login or GPS to trace your steps.

You can redeem your points with e-gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart.

Key Features:

  • Runs only on Android.
  • Daily limit of 10,000 steps.
  • The app runs within the background.

If you're a daily shopper at Walgreens you would possibly have already known about the Walgreens Balance Rewards. Walgreens is additionally paying you redemption dollars for walking.

You can check in for the Walgreens balance rewards program on their website and begin using it.

Walgreens pays 20 balance rewards for each mile. The limit per month is 1,000 balance rewards. you'll redeem these while shopping at Walgreens.

Key Features

  • App available for both IOS and Android.
  • 1,000 balance rewards is like $1.
  • The app syncs with fitness trackers.

9. Higi

Higi is different from the opposite apps. you'll earn points for walking also as for other health-related activities.

Higi has health tracking stations located at pharmacies that measure your vital sign , pulse, body fat, weight, and BMI.

The app will challenge you with weekly and monthly challenges.

Points can't be converted in cash but you'll redeem them into rewards where you'll get discounts for health and fitness items. you'll also donate your points to charity.

This is another simple-to-use app that pays for walking, running, hiking, etc. It tracks all types of your physical activities.

Points are often redeemed as rewards for products or services sort of a cup of coffee or a massage.

Key Features:

  • App syncs with fitness trackers
  • The app pays for all physical activities. you'll get paid if you're moving.
  • Redeem the points for products and services.

Wrapping Up: Get Paid to Walk

Hope the list is helpful for you. These are the top 10 best app that will help to earn money by walking

You might have got an idea now on which app you can try now.

Walking is our daily routine and getting paid to do our routine is something good. This will not make you rich, but it will add some additional cash to your pocket.

Happy Walking!

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